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We are pleased to announce that The National Midwest Gridiron Classic is back for the 11th straight year. This year we are rolling out our 2019 Youth Football Tournament Series in St. Louis, MO. The Youth Football Tournament Series is an elite series that has been created to provide a platform for pure (non-all-star) youth football teams to compete at a national level in a well-organized and professional manner. The series will crown a true National Champion at every age level from 7U-14U.

August 17-18 we will be kicking off our tournament series with our very own Tournament of Champions. Top teams will be selected based on how they play in season and their ability to compete for a conference title. This approach ensures top competition at the Tournament of Champions. Each team is guaranteed two games.

August 31- September 2 we will be hosting our Kick-Off Invitational. This event will be held Labor Day weekend. Our Kick- Off Invitational is a great way for players and coaches to test their skills against teams they will not play in the regular season. Each team is guaranteed two games. 

November 29- December 1 will be our 11th annual National Midwest Gridiron Classic, it is the largest post season football tournament in the Midwest. Over the past 10 years we have had over 150 teams participate in the National Midwest Gridiron Classic. Teams from Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kansas, Colorado, Minnesota, and Nebraska.

The National Midwest Gridiron Classic is not just a football tournament. It is an opportunity to bond with your love ones. The National Midwest Gridiron Classic is about bringing your team, coaches, parents, and supporters to St. Louis for some of the best youth football you will ever see. We feature play by play announcing, music, and individual awards. Participating teams are guaranteed 2 games. Come to St. Louis and compete against teams you have never heard of. Win or lose, you will have a memorable experience in St. Louis.

Our mission is to provide a platform for all players from 6U through 14U grade to play football in a very unique and competitive environment! There is no need to travel anywhere but St. Louis, to get your fill of tournament football, you've found it right here. The National Midwest Gridiron Classic should be your #1 option.