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The National Midwest Gridiron Classic Series is a Stay-to-Play tournament. All traveling teams must reserve your rooms at one of the hotels listed below to participate in the tournament. 

This means all participants who are traveling in from out of town will agree to stay in the designated host hotels; these hotels offer excellent accommodations and reasonable rates. Other family members, friends and guests who are traveling in for the tournament can also stay in these hotels as well. Team managers, coaches, etc. are responsible to make sure their team complies with the policy.

Why have we started using this policy?

  • It provides consistent, affordable group rates for everyone participating.
  • It guarantees the double/double rooms everyone wants.
  • It keeps teams together in one hotel, which in turn allows coaches the ability to hold team meetings or to contact individual team members or parents more easily.
  • It helps us hold the line on registration costs.
  • If for any reason, the event needs to be cancelled, there is full cancellation insurance; you will not be charged by the hotel (without this, hotels may add penalties to those who cancel a room reservation too close to their arrival.)
  • It offers a one-call process for making hotel reservations with an immediate confirmation system.
  • If at any point during your stay, you or anyone on your team experience unexpected problems regarding the hotel booking or reservations, you can contact our on-duty service center for prompt assistance.
  • Check-in is simplified because hotels will have a list of all registrants and coaches can be provided the list in advance as well.